Semalt: The Best Screen Scraper Services For Businesses

Screen scraper is an advanced service that helps extract data from different websites. It basically comes in two editions: Basic screen scrapers and Professional screen scraper. The basic screen scraper is suitable for startups and freelancers, and the professional edition is good for businesses and top brands. Screen scraper consists of a proxy server and handles both HTTP and HTTPS requests. It contains the embedded scripting engines and can be used with ColdFusion, PHP, and Java. The most famous screen scraper services for data scraping are mentioned below.

Data Scraper (a Chrome extension):

Data scraper is a comprehensive and useful scraping program. It mainly extracts information from lists and tables and imports the data to XLS, JSON and CSV formats. Its paid version is suitable for businesses, and you don't need any programming skills to get benefited from this plugin. You just have to add this plugin to your Chrome browser and start scraping data from the desired web pages.

Web scraper (a Firefox extension):

Web scraper is good for Firefox users and allows you to create sitemaps. With this service, you can easily crawl your site and improve its search engine rankings in no time. Just add this extension to your Firefox and extract data from dynamic websites easily. It is a freeware and suitable for startups.


Scrapy is yet another screen scraping service that extracts data from PDF files, websites, private blogs, and images. It transforms it into a desirable format and gets you neat and clean results. You just have to highlight the data you want to extract and click on the "scrape" option to get started. Scrapy is known for its user-friendly interface, and you can add new columns using JQuery and XPath. You can also copy or export your data to Google Docs and XSL file conveniently.


Octoparse is best known for its user-friendly interface and is a powerful screen scraping service. It handles both static and dynamic sites with cookies, AJAX and JavaScript. You can easily download the data to your hard drive and create different scraping tasks at the same time. Octoparse can also handle password-protected sites and paginated web pages. You can perform bulk tasks using this plugin and can get the information via Octoparse API.

Visual Scraper:

Visual scraper is another great screen scraping service with a comprehensive point-and-click interface and is used to gather data from different web pages. You can easily get real-time data from desired websites and export the extracted information as CSV, JSON, SQL and XML files. It is suitable for Windows users and lets you scrape data from up to 40,000 web pages per day. Visual scraper can easily collect information from videos and images and scrapes it as per your requirements. This program is available in both free and paid versions and is suitable for enterprises and large-sized businesses.

All these screen scraping services get you readable and scalable data and can handle a number of tasks simultaneously, saving your time and energy to an extent.

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